Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Podcast from Nominated the Party is Online!

If you would like to hear what was happening behind the scenes
at the party for Nominated, or hear what people have to say
about Dan Pavlik behind closed doors, this recording is for you.

I interviewed several people from the party that included
friends, family, and those who have worked with Dan. It was
a wild ride!

To listen and/or download the .mp3, click here.

If you have any difficulty with the file, please let me know.
Not sure how I will be able to help, but I will give it my best
shot! (Contact me at info @ or find me on Twitter).

Feel free to leave comments about the show, the movie, Dan,
etc. with this blog entry.

My hope is that you will get to know Dan better through listening
to the show, as well as those who stand behind him and his work,
as well as become acquainted with a few of those crazy enough
to jump into the independent film pool with him.


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