Thursday, August 20, 2009

All Wine, No Cheese!

We had a terrific fundraiser the other night at Fremont's best wine bar, Vida y Vino! Owner Audrey Scott (2nd from left in photo) was as gracious as ever and the crowd was fantastic.

Many of the cast members showed up, including co-star and veteran of TV & Film, Carl Lumbly. Carl was greeted by a throng of fans, and he proceeded to "hold court" for the next two hours. The best, and most excited fan was one of the waiters at Vida, who promptly told Carl that his girlfriend had just given him all 4 seasons of Alias on DVD. He had just watched them all, and couldn't believe that Dixon (Carl's character name) was in the wine bar! He was thrilled to get an autograph, and a picture on his phone, which he immediately sent to his girlfriend.

The movie gained many new supporters who are excited to follow along as we charge headlong into shooting in three weeks. Events like this really underscore the grass-roots effort we are employing to get the movie produced, and we are so grateful to everyone who has helped out.

Other notables in attendance were Fremont City Councilman Bill Harrison, and cast members Greg Cala, Ken Newman, Gary Neil, Julia Smyth & Mark Flores (the last 2 not in photo). The movie's star, Brian Degan Scott was absent only because he is currently in New York performing in the hilarious hit play Abe Lincoln's Big Gay Dance Party.

We have great momentum, but need to continue to push to meet our budget goals. As always, you can donate to the film by going to the Nominated Sponsor Page ( We have non-profit sponsorship, so this is a charitable contribution and a write-off! Every little bit helps, so please be encouraged by the fact that even small contributions count.

Lastly, when we move the production to Arnold, CA at the end of September, we are hoping to get a generous soul to donate their RV or 5th wheel trailer as a make-up and actors resting area. It would not need to be driven the entire time, but merely parked at the location. If you're willing, just email me at - it's also a charitable contribution.

Thanks again to everyone!! We'll be filming more soon, so check back regularly for footage and other updates.


Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Executive Producer Essay Contest is off and running, with some great submissions so far.

Here are three of the top contenders:

1) Vindictive? Superficial? Seeking validation? -- A Sleazeball? What do you take me for? A Director?! I know making an independent movie is an uphill battle. But becoming an Executive Producer? Gravy. (All you need is cash.

2) Listen, Sleazeball - if anyone deserves a free ride on your gravy train to success, it's obviously me. Not to sound vindictive, but if you don't think I'm Executive Producer material, then you can take your superficial promises of IMDB credits and shove them where the glimmer of validation doesn't shine!

3) I am not vindictive. My interest is not superficial. I will give you validation. No, I am not a sleazeball. My appreciation of your work, beyond all stated above, is gravy.

The Contest:
In just 50 words, tell why you should be an Executive Producer for the film. The catch, you must include these 5 words in your pitch:
Vindictive, Superficial, Validation, Sleazeball, Gravy
This title is name only - Don't worry, there's no work required by you!

To submit your choice words & to see the rules, etc, visit:

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

More of the Interview Dan Pavlik & Brian Degan Scott

The last video had a small portion of my total interview
with Dan and Brian. Because I thought some people
might be interested in more of our time together, the
video below is only our interview, without any Hollywood
outside shots. Enjoy!

To listen to interview via podcaat
left click below. To save, right click
Dan Pavlik and Brian Degan Scott Hollywood Interview

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Location: Arnold, CA

Likely in September, Nominated will be filming
for approximately two weeks in Arnold, California.

It might be interesting for you to see a little
more about the town this film will be shooting in,
so here is a link to Arnold's Business
Association Site

Here is Wikipedia's Entry on Arnold. Soon it
can be amended to include the fact that an
independent feature film was shot there. :-)

If you know of anyone who lives anywhere near, or
even in, the area who might want to, or can, help
please tell them to write Dan at Info @

More news coming soon!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Nominated The Movie in Hollywood

A couple of nights ago I met with Dan and Brian in Hollywood.
This video is a 10-minute blip of the time spent, as promised.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Road Trip: Dan and Brian in the Los Angeles Area

As I write this, Dan and Brian are in the Los Angeles
area getting ready to meet with a potential actress
for a role in the film. She is someone you may know -
Erin Moran. Hopefully by the next blog entry you
will know if she will be taking a part in the film as
Cole's mom (Dana).

Last night I met up with Dan and Brian in Hollywood,
and while they were having some fun shooting some
video, I was shooting them. I was using a Flip
Camcorder (which is pretty awesome and portable,

I will edit the video at some point. I was hoping it
wouldn't be as much of a process as the radio show
was but now, LOL, I am not so sure.

I had a lot of fun with them, and am fairly certain the
official set will be just as easy going and fun as last
night was. By the way, there will be a large scene that
Dan will be filming in the San Francisco area that will
require a number of people with non-speaking parts.
If you are in that area, check back soon for more
details on how to possibly participate.

In the meantime, here a couple of pics to whet your
appetite, and for you to enjoy. :-)