Sunday, September 6, 2009

Brian Degan Scott Returns: SF Area Scenes to be shot soon!

Well, Brian Degan Scott has returned triumphantly from New York
City and the off Broadway showings of the play he was in:
Abraham Lincoln's Big Gay Dance Party.

Below are several links and mentions in the press.

One that was particularly cool was from the NY Post which suggests
a possible comparison between the play and Urine Town. What you
may know is that Urine Town also showed during the NY Fringe Festival
and was picked up for an off-Broadway and then Broadway run.

Not too shabby. :-)

I am sure Dan wishes him and the cast well with
future possibilities, but after the film gets shot
first! (More details to come, as there will be filming
this month, and next.)

In the meantime, here's the press.
Congrats Brian!


New York Post

Village Voice Blog,31493/

NY Magazine


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