Thursday, February 25, 2010

We're in the Home Stretch!

Brian Degan Scott & Ken Newman work the scene

We wrapped an exciting day of shooting at the Fabulous Mojo Lounge in Fremont, CA. The owner, Dennis Briggs, was an unbelievably gracious host as he watched us take over his bar. This was a tough morning, starting with the 5:30 a.m. call time, through the bucking hooker shots (what a degenerate my star is).

This is a big scene in the movie - scene 3 to be exact - as it sets up the entire story. We shot we the Panasonic HPX 3000, courtesy of Creative Video Services, and the camera was incredible in the low light environment. We were able to shoot with almost 100% available light from the bar's lighting. We only supplemented the practical lights with a 150 watt key on the actor's faces, and a 300 watt to light up the far background.

Incredible acting by Brian Degan Scott & Ken Newman, with fantastic hooker-like performances from Susi Damilano & Zehra Berkman!

Couple more scenes to go, and we can wrap the shooting!! The editing has been on-going, so we're probably 40% done with that. We'll have a few tests screening when we're done, so stay tuned for those dates.