Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Festival SWAG is Here!

As we anxiously await the announcements of the 32 film festivals we have submitted to, the process of creating promotional give-away items (or SWAG) has begun. With the help of one of the movie's visual effects guys, Mike Banks, we created a great logo for the shirts, buttons and hats we'll give away.
It's customary at festivals for filmmakers to give out stuff - mostly to get people at the fests to come see your movie. This was news to me, since I figured that if the people were already at the event, they were there to see movies, right? Not the case at all. Seems the atmosphere at film festivals is very competitive regarding the eyeballs that each film can attract.
So, we started a SWAG fund at, to help defray the costs of all these promo items. You can click the link and contribute a small amount to get one of these tee shirts, a button and a movie poster! Most of all, it would be helpful if you could pass the link along to your friends via email, Twitter, Facebook or however it is you reach your peeps these days.
This cool stuff will only be given out at festivals, so it's your chance to grab the cool SWAG while it lasts. Here's a link you can cut and paste:
By the way, I just read that SWAG stands for "Stuff We All Get". Not sure if I'm buyin' that.


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  1. From my engineering background, SWAG was "Silly Wild Assed Guess". I suppose that doesn't apply in this case ;) Best of luck on going 32 for 32!