Tuesday, April 21, 2009

It's About More Than "Just" Making a Movie

When Dan Pavlik was considering his options,
one that he came to as a father,
was a no-brainer.

How could he do something that
incorporated what he loved
(movie making), and make a difference?

The result is the Not for Profit
Educational Films of America.

It is an organization that he has
set up to support those who want to
make films. What is different
about how he approaches it,
over what is in the world already,
is the idea that there are
aspiring, talented filmmakers
who have difficulties in creating
their visions, due to not having
access to costly filmmaking equipment.

The way that "for profit"
companies work is counterproductive
to the creative risks that sometimes
need to be taken to have a worthy
project see the light of day.

A for profit company wants to see
certain things, often including a
proven track record. And how does
one get a proven track record
in a field laden with significant

In the "for profit" world,
worthy projects often are left unmade
because there isn't any support to
get them made. That is where
Educational Films of America comes in.

Since the organization is set up
as a Not for Profit, it doesn't need
to see the same bottom lines as a
for profit company would need to see.
It is then able to take calculated
risks based on different criteria.

In addition, it approaches the process
differently. Instead of funding a
project in its totality, the resources
of the organization provide the source
of equipment, as well as the support
structure to get the word out.

Other film non profit organizations
often support the documentary style of
filmmaking, and Dan thought it was time
for an organization to support the kind
of movies that we see more commonly
see in our homes and movie theaters.
After all, they have a great potential
to impact our culture, our tomorrow,
and our children.

Educational Films of America has a
specific intention, help movie makers
make the kind of movies that address
common societal themes such as diversity,
substance abuse, tolerance, and education
in a way that can inform and educate in
a medium that we appreciate and give
much of our time and attention to.

By supporting the movie Nominated,
you will be supporting more than just
the making of a film that has been
recognized by the Academy that award
the Academy Awards, you will be supporting
more than just a comedy by a great guy,
you will be supporting other filmmakers
who believe that they can tell a tale
that is worthy for us to hear, and can
make a difference for us and those we
care about.

The great thing is that every little
bit helps...so you can donate any
amount that works for you. And,
if it also works for you, because the
organization is a not-for-profit,
your donations are tax-deductible.

Another great thing? Anyone who
donates to this project will have an
opportunity to be put into
a drawing, and might win a great prize.
More details on that part to come.

If you know anyone who could
use the help, would be interested
in knowing more about the film,
Educational Films of America, or
want to know more about how to help,
contact Dan Pavlik, by email at
info at nominatedthemovie.com.

To donate you can go HERE.

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