Saturday, November 21, 2009

We've Wrapped on 8 Days in Arnold, CA

We had a VERY productive 8 days of shooting up at the cabin location in Arnold. We shot 16 pages of the script in the first two days - incredible! To put that into perspective, a major studio production will average about 4 pages a day (if they are efficient).

We started the week with Carl Lumbly and Brian Degan Scott, and then had to take a break as Carl was called away to the new NBC TV show Trauma.

During the break we took the opportunity to put some locals to work as extras, shooting them in the neighborhood as they rake their pine needles. This is a constant source of work and exercise in Arnold, as the needles NEVER stop falling. The cool thing during that time was that a local reporter, Kate Gonzales of the Calaveras Enterprise, visited the set and wrote up a nice story. You can read all about The Nominated Top Story, as they have an online version of the paper.

Toward the end of the week we had Jette Newell, Soren Oliver and Julia Smyth join us for two days of great work and hilarious times. We had a lot of fun shooting the scenes with these fine actors, despite the sub-45 degree weather. There was a lot of quick taking off and putting back on of jackets and sweaters between takes.

So, we beat the snow for the most part, as 98% of the exteriors in Arnold have been taken care of. We will visit the mountains once or twice more, but only for 2 days at a time, and mostly indoors.

Next up for us are two days of shooting in the fabulous Backdoor Lounge in Fremont, CA. It's a small bar that will play the perfect double for a small-town mountain watering hole.

As a note, we are still looking for extras for the LA bar scene and the "red carpet" scene (both will be shot in the Bay Area).

Thanks for following along and supporting the cause. It's exciting to actually be shooting this thing, and always fun to hear your feedback and comments!


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