Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Movie Cast

After some intense auditions, and callbacks, the movie has been cast.

The following is the cast of characters, and their "live" counterparts:

Mickey: Brian Degan Scott
Cole: Ryan Calavano
Dana: Donna Dahrouge or Erin Moran
Ray: Carl Lumbly
Blake: Ken Newman
Pastor Paul: Soren Oliver
Aurora: Julia Smith
Jamie: Jette Newell
Vince: Greg Cala
Paintballer: Eli Kramer
Paintballer: Mark Flores
Vicky: Maria Skorobogatov
Nicky: Melissa Lucas
Female Reporter: Stephanie Basco
Darla: Susi Damilano
Jasmine: Sina Eiden

You can see more about these fine (and talented!)
folks at the Nominated Cast Page. Be sure to
move your mouse around on the page, and see
which names have links, and visit the "More" page
as well.

In future blog entries, the plan is for us to share
more about the cast so you can get to know them

Stay tuned.

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