Monday, August 3, 2009

Road Trip: Dan and Brian in the Los Angeles Area

As I write this, Dan and Brian are in the Los Angeles
area getting ready to meet with a potential actress
for a role in the film. She is someone you may know -
Erin Moran. Hopefully by the next blog entry you
will know if she will be taking a part in the film as
Cole's mom (Dana).

Last night I met up with Dan and Brian in Hollywood,
and while they were having some fun shooting some
video, I was shooting them. I was using a Flip
Camcorder (which is pretty awesome and portable,

I will edit the video at some point. I was hoping it
wouldn't be as much of a process as the radio show
was but now, LOL, I am not so sure.

I had a lot of fun with them, and am fairly certain the
official set will be just as easy going and fun as last
night was. By the way, there will be a large scene that
Dan will be filming in the San Francisco area that will
require a number of people with non-speaking parts.
If you are in that area, check back soon for more
details on how to possibly participate.

In the meantime, here a couple of pics to whet your
appetite, and for you to enjoy. :-)

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