Thursday, August 20, 2009

All Wine, No Cheese!

We had a terrific fundraiser the other night at Fremont's best wine bar, Vida y Vino! Owner Audrey Scott (2nd from left in photo) was as gracious as ever and the crowd was fantastic.

Many of the cast members showed up, including co-star and veteran of TV & Film, Carl Lumbly. Carl was greeted by a throng of fans, and he proceeded to "hold court" for the next two hours. The best, and most excited fan was one of the waiters at Vida, who promptly told Carl that his girlfriend had just given him all 4 seasons of Alias on DVD. He had just watched them all, and couldn't believe that Dixon (Carl's character name) was in the wine bar! He was thrilled to get an autograph, and a picture on his phone, which he immediately sent to his girlfriend.

The movie gained many new supporters who are excited to follow along as we charge headlong into shooting in three weeks. Events like this really underscore the grass-roots effort we are employing to get the movie produced, and we are so grateful to everyone who has helped out.

Other notables in attendance were Fremont City Councilman Bill Harrison, and cast members Greg Cala, Ken Newman, Gary Neil, Julia Smyth & Mark Flores (the last 2 not in photo). The movie's star, Brian Degan Scott was absent only because he is currently in New York performing in the hilarious hit play Abe Lincoln's Big Gay Dance Party.

We have great momentum, but need to continue to push to meet our budget goals. As always, you can donate to the film by going to the Nominated Sponsor Page ( We have non-profit sponsorship, so this is a charitable contribution and a write-off! Every little bit helps, so please be encouraged by the fact that even small contributions count.

Lastly, when we move the production to Arnold, CA at the end of September, we are hoping to get a generous soul to donate their RV or 5th wheel trailer as a make-up and actors resting area. It would not need to be driven the entire time, but merely parked at the location. If you're willing, just email me at - it's also a charitable contribution.

Thanks again to everyone!! We'll be filming more soon, so check back regularly for footage and other updates.


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