Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Executive Producer Essay Contest is off and running, with some great submissions so far.

Here are three of the top contenders:

1) Vindictive? Superficial? Seeking validation? -- A Sleazeball? What do you take me for? A Director?! I know making an independent movie is an uphill battle. But becoming an Executive Producer? Gravy. (All you need is cash.

2) Listen, Sleazeball - if anyone deserves a free ride on your gravy train to success, it's obviously me. Not to sound vindictive, but if you don't think I'm Executive Producer material, then you can take your superficial promises of IMDB credits and shove them where the glimmer of validation doesn't shine!

3) I am not vindictive. My interest is not superficial. I will give you validation. No, I am not a sleazeball. My appreciation of your work, beyond all stated above, is gravy.

The Contest:
In just 50 words, tell why you should be an Executive Producer for the film. The catch, you must include these 5 words in your pitch:
Vindictive, Superficial, Validation, Sleazeball, Gravy
This title is name only - Don't worry, there's no work required by you!

To submit your choice words & to see the rules, etc, visit:

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