Tuesday, June 2, 2009

First "Essay" Arrives! When Can We Expect YOURS?

Recently, "Director Dan" announced a new contest.

In just 50 words, tell why you should be an
Executive Producer for the film. The catch,
besides the 50 character limit, use the words

Some have told me they're not entering the
contest because they don't "do essays."

Perhaps consider that it's really just a
couple of sentences. Maybe it will make
it easier to take a stab at it. Most essays
you have to make up in totality...in this case,
you already have 5 of the words to work with.
One Tenth of your work is already done for you!

Others have said it's not for them. Yes,
the winner will get IMDB credit, and perhaps
for some it will mean more than for others.

However, wouldn't it be really cool to see
a movie in a movie theater with your name in
the credits on a large screen?

Some may also be swayed in terms of making
the payment. Please know that you can use
your credit card, without having a Paypal
account. In addition, you can now submit
your entry via mail, if you would prefer
to send a check.

This is likely the first time that a
contest of this type has been held. Wouldn't
it be fun to get in on it? This might be
a movie for the history books. You never
know when history will be made, and then
it's too late to be a part of it.

Ok..so that might be a little much...but
you never really do know, you know?

Still not sure?

Here's the first submission.

Perhaps it'll inspire you:

Tony promised me the lead in “Gravy Danger”
but the sleazeball reneged and gave the
role to Marvin Aday. I meant to deliver
only a superficial cut to his groin, but
friends now call him “Toni.” An Executive
Producer credit will provide validation
that I’m not a vindictive human being.

To submit your choice words,
to see the rules, etc,

...this might be your gravy train...
...this might give you validation...
...this might wow your superficial friends...
...this might show that sleazeball
in your life a thing or two...
...if you don't enter, and your friend does,
and wins, you might consider being vindictive.
Do you really want to risk that happening?...

What are you waiting for?

Have fun!

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