Thursday, June 11, 2009

It's All About Brian Degan Scott

"...'Abraham Lincoln's Big Gay Dance Party'...
is an...ambitious mashup of burlesque anarchy,
elaborate narrative intrigue, serious
sociopolitical themes and campy dance interludes.
Plus sheer gamesmanship -- the audience votes
each night to determine the three-part show's
performance order. It shouldn't all hold together.
Yet somehow this frequently ingenious, hilarious
contraption does."
- Dennis Harvey, Variety

Abraham Lincoln's Big Gay Dance Party, the critically
acclaimed play written by Aaron Loeb, was performed
in San Francisco last November through January and has
now been selected for a run at the New York
International Fringe Festival (Fringe Festival Website)
from the 15th until the 31st of August.

So...What does this have to do with the movie Nominated?

It just so happens that this play also has a major role in
moving the filming of Nominated from August to September
because one of its actors - Brian Degan Scott - is also
a key actor in Nominated. Well, ahem, the *star,* really.
And, since Brian, like the rest of us, has yet to figure out
how to clone himself, he can't be in two places at once.

The yearly festival, showcasing hundreds of performances
from around the world, has produced many Off Broadway
hits including Urine Town (which subsequently moved to
Broadway and was nominated for 10 Tony Awards),
Dog Sees God, Charlie Victor Romeo and the musical
adaptation of Debbie Does Dallas (for more Fringe success
stories go to FringeNYC Success).

The exact dates and venue specifics for Abraham Lincoln's
Big Gay Dance Party have yet to be established, but as
soon as the details are known, I'll post them here, in
case you will be able to go see Brian perform in NYC.

According to Dan (for first time readers, the writer and
director) Brian performing Off Broadway is an exciting
development, and allows more time for pre-production and
creative fund raising for the budget - which includes the
Executive Producer Essay Contest. (Have YOU entered yet?)

And since this entry seems to be all about Mr. Scott,
(I certainly hope it won't go to his head) remember
that he will also be a guest on World of Perspective
with Elizabeth Alraune (yours truly) on
the 30th of the month. See the right sidebar for
details, and to listen. You will have a chance to
call in and speak with him, and if you miss it live,
you can come back afterward, and download the podcast.

If you would like to learn more about the play, here are
a few links to visit:

Fringe Festival Website

Variety Review

SF Chronicle Review

Broadway Worldcom Review

Chad Jones Theatre Dogs Review

Goldstar Events Audience Review

Rah! Rah! Shish, Boom, Bah!
Go Brian, Go!

PS If You'd like to buy tickets, go to this page.
(They're only $15!)

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