Saturday, June 6, 2009

Top 10 Reasons to Enter the Executive Producer Essay Contest

Here are the top ten reasons Dan Pavlik believes
you should enter the Executive Producer Essay Contest:

#10. Winning will look great on a college entrance application.
#9. If you ever wanted to meet Barry Williams, this will help.
#8. Better than spending 29 bucks of useless twitter tools.
#7. You'll get a movie credit without the usual nude scene.
#6. Where else can you use the word sleazeball and not refer to a lawyer?
#5. The search for what to put on your tombstone is over.
#4. If you go to Sundance, it's one hell of a pickup line.
#3. If you don't, I'll send @TheExpert out to work you over.
#2. You can show your parents you DID amount to something!

and the #1 reason you should enter the Executive Producer Essay Contest:

Two words: casting couch

With all that, why wait a second longer?
The Executive Producer Essay Contest

To further inspire you, here is another entry:

Although some people think only a sleazeball
would run an essay contest to fund his film...
I think it's f**** brilliant. It would be just
gravy to get the superficial validation of
another IMDB credit.

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