Sunday, June 21, 2009

Nominated Auditions and Request to Spread the Word!

(On Left Brian Degan Scott/On Right Dan Pavlik)

This week Dan Pavlik, the writer/director of Nominated, will be holding auditions for the film. He has had to arrange for a second day of auditions, and sadly has had to turn people away.

Dan would love to see everyone, but it's just not possible. For a person in that position, it certainly is a good problem to have.

Should he not be able to find what he needs during the two days of auditions, there will be other possibilities to pursue. So, if by some chance you aren't scheduled for any of the upcoming auditions, stay in touch, as you never know.

Working in conjunction with J.E. Talent, a San Francisco based talent agency that has been helping with the administration of the casting process, and feeling like he has many talented people to choose from, Dan is certain he'll get some really great fits for the roles.

While I'd love to be there during the process, I won't be able to, however, Dan is likely to have some behind the scenes footage, and maybe some pics, to share afterward that you and I will both be able to see. :-)

One role that won't be auditioned those two days is that of "film sponsor." You can help to get this movie made without an audition by going to the Nominated Sponsor Page, and submitting your 150x150 advertisement. As the momentum builds, there will be more traffic to the site, and you will have the benefit of all of those who come after you. Plus you get to be a part of, and contribute to, something pretty special.

Ok I am biased but, once you get to know these guys, you will be, too. (Listen to interviews with Dan Pavlik and Ken Newman, available now in the right column of this blog. Next week I will interview Brian Degan Scott)

Other bigger advertising/sponsor opportunities still remain, and Dan is being just as creative in that regard as he is in his filmmaking, so if you are interested, or know of someone who could be, click here to "tell a friend"

Last but not least, ALL help is welcome, even if it is just spreading the word. Please share with people what is going on with the movie. You never know who knows someone who knows someone who knows someone's aunt's, cousin's son that could really benefit from being a part of this somehow, even if it is just for him to spread the word to his best friend's sister's mother's best friend of 20 years who happens to work for a big studio that would love to talk to Dan about this film, and others already simmering...and he would have you to thank for it. Wouldn't that be special? (so saith the Church Lady).

Seriously, it so much easier to help than people realize. The little things add up. So even if you don't think you can help financially, or feel that sponsoring would benefit you, just letting someone else know about what's going on is perfect.

Happy Father's Day to those fathers out there - and in particular Dan, Brian, and Ken. May some beautiful and amazing things happen between now and Father's Day 2010!

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